“If you don't know history, then you don't know anything. You are a leaf that doesn't know it is part of a tree. ”
(Michael Crichton)


"Those unable to catalog the past are doomed to repeat it.”
(Lemony Snicket)


Another diary

The Czech students´ entries into their diaries / blog

The Czech students were inspired by their Greek and French friends but they decided to do it a bit differently - they chose a real day in March / April 2013 and then wrote a real diary / blog entry recording the highlights and drawbacks of the day. Their partners were welcome to comment on the differences between a common teens´ day nowadays and Ann´s day in the Annexe.


Here are a few entries together with the comments:

LUKAS´S ENTRY - FRIDAY, 22/ 3/ 2013

Today we had a competition called “RoboRave“. We got up about 6 a.m., took our robot and met Mrs. Pecinová (our physics teacher) and more competitors at the train station in Vysoké Mýto at 7:30 a.m. We went by train to Pardubice and walked to Ideon which is the exhibition Centre near the train stop Pardubičky. In Ideon we took place at our tables and prepared our robots for the competitions. Our competition started after 10 a.m. There were 3 rounds of 3 minutes and the winner was the robot that delivered the most table-tennis balls. It took 3 hours and after the last competition there was the promulgation. I was so happy because we won. After that we went home by bus and we arrived about 2 p.m. It was a very good day because we won and we didn’t go to school.


Hi Lukáš, I congratulate you for the victory in RoboRave. You must be very happy when you won with your robot. Did you got any value? I think you prepared a lot for the competition and you won deservedly. (posted by Jan, CR)

Hi Lukas! My name's Julien I've read your letter and I really enjoyed it. It could be a super day I suppose. I like the theme of your competition and I'm happy that you won it. I didn't do similar things but I would like participate it. (by Julien, Fr)



My grandparents had a wedding anniversary. They have been together forty years. We prepared a surprise for them. We bought them two notebooks and they got them as a present in the morning. They were sad and said, that it wasn’t anything for them. However, when we showed my grandparent what he can do it with the notebook and the Internet, he started to learn everything. However, my granny said: “It’s a lot of new things for me and I can never learn it.” But we told her one thing which convinced her. As my granny is thrifty, we showed her “calling over Skype”. My granny was happy, that she can speak with us and she can see us. In the afternoon, they had email addresses, profiles on Skype and my grandfather could order something over the Internet. In the evening, when we asked theim: “Is it a good present for your wedding anniversary?”, they said: “Yes, but no more surprises like that, please!”. 


Hi Gabriela,
I think is super, that yuor grandparents have been together 40 years. In the second word war peoples didn´t know the computers and the Internet. Anna Frank didn´t have the Internet and I think it´s better for anna´s family, because Germans can´t discover Anna and her family. What did you learn your granny? Did you whant live wiht Anna(you don´t have the Internet in the second word war)? (by Pavlína, CR)

Hello Grabriela ! How funny your story is !!! :-D I think it was a big surprise for your grand parents ! xD i hope they enjoy their presents now ! (by Margot, Fr)

Hello! I found your mail is funny because it's right, Grandparents don't understand news technologies. It's very good surprise and I hope they 'll like future present you'll send next year! I have too Skype but my grandparents haven't got Skype and we don't speak with them. see you soon. (by Salomé, Fr)