“If you don't know history, then you don't know anything. You are a leaf that doesn't know it is part of a tree. ”
(Michael Crichton)


"Those unable to catalog the past are doomed to repeat it.”
(Lemony Snicket)




On the 4th of February, on the occasion of 100 years since the liberation of our home town, Serres, and within the scope of the project « Stories in History », the third class of the Junior High School of Neo Souli visited a photo exhibition in the library of Serres. We toured in the building where we learned historical facts about the Balcan Wars. We also saw photos of the leaders of the Balcan Alliance. The fotographs were exceptional, ''original''. Then, we saw photographs with marches of  Greek soldiers and cannons. The exhibition was very interesting and enriched with many photographs and lithographs. (by Katerina)


In April a group of students from Gymnázium Vysoké Mýto visited the town of Terezín and its fortress which used to be a ghetto from which the Jews were sent to concentration camps. It was a very interesting experience and the students shared it with their schoolmates. You can read more about the trip HERE.


Toulon hosts the Ceremony of Deportation on Sunday the 28th of Apríl. Julien and Hugo represented our school to the ceremony. They were really proud to be there to remember that important moment in French History.


In May, we organized a European week at Jean Giono and we took the opportunity of this event to invite the pupils of the nearby primary school ( André Malraux Primary School) not only to see the exhibition we prepared for them but also to join in the show we presented to the parents and friends in the evening. It was fabulous to hear them sing in English with our students and on top of that they recited in 7 different languages "the Wolf and the Lamb" they had learnt by heart in their native languages for some of them such these 2 Polish sisters who were so committed in their recitation and this Norvegian girl and this Dutch girl and this Portuguese boy who was so proud without forgetting these Greek triplets .....

Event disseminating our etwinning project, Stories in History

In May 13, 2013, the Greek students organised an event disseminating the etwinning project, Stories in History, as part of the Spring etwinning Campaign, in Neo Souli - Greece. Over 100 children, 15 teachers and many parents attended the event, as well as elderly people who were interviewed by our pupils about their lives as children during the 2nd World War. The man you see in the video is receiving a certificate to remind him of his participation in our school project. He is 92 years old, yet he was more than willing to honour us with his presence. We would like to thank all the residents of the village who actively responded to our requests, by providing photos, interviews, recipes and books.